A Woman’s Plan B!

Women have a reputation for creating multiple plans, especially in relationships. When plan “A” fails, we are generally ready to move on to our plan “B” (disclaimer – this is not about the morning after pill). Often our plan “B” is already a part of God’s plan A. What is a plan? According to Webster’s Dictionary: a plan is a detailed method for the accomplishment of a purpose.

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. (Jeremiah 29:11)

When God created Adam, He gave him a plan that included being fruitful, multiplying, and taking dominion (Genesis 1:26-28). After Adam sinned, the plan didn’t change for Adam or Eve, just how it was to be accomplished.

I polled a few women at my church and asked them how do they plan their lives. Here are a few of their responses:

“Set a goal and work backwards with the steps necessary to accomplish that goal”

“Look around to see who else is doing what I want to do and model things after them”

“Pray and fast”

“Think about my life and set goals with my family”

“Sometimes I am motivated by fear of certain consequences so I plan to avoid issues”

God has skillfully and inventively created a plan just for you. Don’t keep creating the plan B’s. Get back to God’s plan A. Sometimes that plan A includes some suffering. Some of us have adopted a mindset about God that only expects the “good”. We forget that that the gospel requires us to partake of Christ and his sufferings (Phil 3:10; I Peter 4:13). Trouble, sufferings, and pain are not indications that you have missed God.

God is the master planner and He knows what He is doing. Our job is to trust Him! The Greek word for enthusiasm means that God has placed something inside of us that he is chasing after. He is coming after the plans he has for us: our hope, expected end, and our future.

Reflective thoughts:

How did you plan for your life to go?

Did you even have a plan or are you just marking time?

Things may not be going the way you thought, but God’s plan is still in effect.

Your plan B is all a part of His plan A.

A Woman of Grace and Truth

The purpose of Women’s History Month is to recognize women who have been overlooked as well as remind society of the important role women play. Purple is the color that represents this month signifying the majesty and royalty women have been bestowed by God. Women’s History Month seems to have been shadowed by the global pandemic COVID-19 however, I must acknowledge the birthday of a special woman, Gwendolyn Ward. My mother-in-law was a blessed woman on many accounts. She was the wife of the late Rev. Aiden Ward and mother of three children, Jacqueline, Sharon, and my husband Lawrence.

My first impression of her was that she was a Lord & Taylor woman; very distinguished and a woman of high standards. Her words would comfort and correct with grace and truth (John 1:14). Prayer was a daily part of her lifestyle. Weekly she would pray with a group of mothers from the church. Women of all ages could be seen gathering around her before and after church, waiting for her loving touch.

Her house was called “Wards Inn” not just because of her hospitality but due to the fragrance of praise and worship she created in her home. Guests from out of town would often proclaim they found a home away from home at Wards Inn. Her Sunday evening standard meal consisting of chicken, peas and rice and sweet potatoes earned a seat at the table for many friends and family members alike. College students knew they could find a meal every Sunday and kept in touch years after graduating from local colleges and universities.

Friday nights were known as “burger nights.” Our church had a van ministry that picked up kids in Boston and brought them to youth ministry in Cambridge. Mom Ward wanted to make sure the youth were fed since many of them came home from school and the van was waiting for them outside. The van would stop at Wards Inn and the youth would run upstairs to get their burger to go. The burger night was a hit with the youth on the van and many memories were made across the city of Boston because of Mom Ward’s burgers!

One of the songs from the Abundant Life Church’s CD written by Chantel Hampton based on the notes from her muse file was dedicated in her honor. When the Morning Comes speaks about her battle with cancer. Mom Ward did not let cancer stop her from praying. I witnessed her attending her treatments one day, resting the next, and meeting the mothers of the church for prayer every Wednesday at noon. The lyrics from the second verse highlight her testimony:

I don’t want to live this way

And let my fear destroy the faith

That I’ve learned to have in you

After all you’ve brought me through

From the past to my present

You’ve never failed me yet

So tomorrow I’ll look for you

As the new day dawns

If after reading this post if you begin to think about the Proverbs 31 woman as outlined by King Lemuel, kudos. Prior to meeting Mom Ward I felt it was impossible to find someone who embodied the characteristics outlined in this passage. After learning from her life, I aspire to set an example for the generations to come. Lord, may my legacy include being known as a woman of grace and truth.